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Childish Major – No Sweat, Gistbased

Download Mp3- No Sweat, American talented singer Childish Major‘s is here again with a special Dirt Diamond Ring album is title “No Sweat” featured by rapper, Ludacris.

The song serves as the 6 track from the album.

On “No Sweat”, Childish Major seems to be telling a story of how life treated him and trials – and at the moment, he’s saying “No sweat.

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Childish Major ft. Ludacris – No Sweati”Enjoy!!!



Never sweat
Ha, listen, Mama told me don’t sweat the small stuff (Nah)
Like women fakin’ like they ain’t taken, they all sluts (Uh)
I guess a slut walk is safer than a Crip walk
If money speak louder than words then I let my shit talk
Caviar for breakfast (Breakfast), champagne bubble bath
Diamonds studded necklace (Yeah), racks in the duffel bag
People think I’m sexist, yeah I only fuck with women
Stay grinnin’, speak cloth talk, sleepin’ on expensive linens (Ha)
Check the thread count (Yeah), head counts in the mornin’
Just as much as in the evenin’
Worth so much money gotta stash away my semen
Wealth is generational
Rap slash movie star, benefits occupational (Ah)
Such as a sensational feelin’, kneelin’ with my hands high
Thankin’ God for another day, rebuke the bad guy
Summertime is the best, never regret it
Stay fresh, and in case I perspire, I never sweat it

[Chorus: Childish Major]
I ain’t sweatin’ all summer, summer
I-I-I-I’m, ain’t sweatin’ all summer, summer

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