Young Girl Who Was Spotted Reading By ATM At Night Reveals What She Wants To Become

The young girl who was spotted reading at night using the ATM light spoke about herself.

Dele Rasheed Dele Rasheed Dele Rasheed is a primary one pupil of the Hope of Glory Academy, Ondo City, who was recently photographed doing her homework by the light of a bank branch’s Automated Teller Machine gallery at Yaba, Ondo, around 10 pm because her house had a blackout. The picture went viral, and it is assumed that the bank took an interest in her. She tells PETER DADA about herself

What’s your age?

I am 6 years old. I’m in one primary. I live with my mom.

Recently you were photographed doing your homework by the light of an ATM gallery…

I went there to do my homework because our house had no electricity.

Didn’t your parent have a generator?

No, we don’t.

Is that what you usually do at home when there’s a blackout?

Yes, if there is no power supply.

Who have asked you to go there?

No one has done so.

Have you seen anyone the last time you went there?

Indeed, I’ve seen a guy in there.

What did you hear from the man?

He has asked for my name and I have told him.

Are you not scared to go out there to read at night?

I don’t think.

What would you like to become in the future?

I want to become a nurse because of their dress in white. I admire them, because they’re taking care of sick people.

So you like to see people treated…


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