Femi Falana to sue Buhari for refusing to sack the service chiefs

Nigeria’s Senior Advocate, Femi Falana, has revealed plans to sue President Muhammadu Buhari for refusing to sack the Service Chief. Femi Falana made this known during an interview with Channel Television, where he said that the heads of security agencies in the country had spent more than 35 years in law-enabled service.

The Nigerian government had insisted that in spite of calls from different quarters, service chiefs would not be sacked.

Falana said, speaking during the interview;

“Under the law of public service, in compliance with the harmonized rules for military officers in Nigeria and in accordance with Section 6 of the Armed Forces Act, which empowers the President to lay down rules and regulations for the army, there is no provision for an extension of tenure (for service chiefs) beyond the prescribed duration.

“It’s been done in the past, but that doesn’t make it right. There is equality before the law, and you can’t extend the career of certain officers when you ask others to go after 35 years of service or 60 years of age.

“To the best of my knowledge, a suit will be filed for this matter during the week.

“The President must prevail to understand that we may also be facing what you might call internal sabotage (in the war against insurgency) by many members of the armed forces who simply feel that they are the people who can stop insurgency or terrorism and let them go ahead. Because the Chief of the Army Staff himself had the opportunity to accuse members of the armed forces of not doing enough.

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