Mansions Belonging To Notorious Kidnapper Demolished In Imo State (Photo)

It is the end of the road for a notorious kidnapper in Imo state after security agents demolished his house.

Mansions of Notorious Kidnapper Demolished in Imo State, Gistbased

At least three houses belonging to an alleged kidnap gang leader, Okechukwu Uche, have been demolished in Owaelu, Uratta in the Imo State’s Owerri North Local Government Area.

According to TheNation, Uche was said to have masterminded the kidnapping of the wife of the community’s traditional ruler, Ugoeze Comfort Okoro, who is currently in jail at the Owerri Correctional Centre.

The wife of the traditional community ruler Ugoeze Comfort Okoro was said to have masterminded the kidnapping.

The 76-year-old woman was assassinated in a den of her kidnapper after her family reportedly paid ransom for her release.

Her corpse was later found at a village road in the town of Akabor in the state council area of Oguta.

Angered at the septuagenarian’s murder, people suspected of being community members and backed by police demolished the three mansions that belonged to the alleged kidnap kingpin.

Police said Uche has masterminded the traditional ruler’s wife’s kidnapping from jail.

However, on Wednesday, police spokesperson Orlando Ikeokwu told TheNation that police were not responsible for demolishing the lead suspect’s home.

Ikeokwu said that while they want to raise second tranche of the ransom, the police rounded up other suspects.

He said the suspects arrested admitted that their ring leader was Uche who is in jail for another crime he allegedly committed.

Ikeokwu said police were laid in ambush and arrested the suspects.

He said the perpetrators recovered two weapons belonging to the police which were snatched last year.

Ikeokwu said: “The lead suspect’s house was not demolished by the police but other suspects arrested by the police admitted that the person in jail is their ring leader.

“We have retrieved two of our rifles from the criminals that were snatched last time. Investigators also retrieved part of the ransom the perpetrators got from the victim’s family. We’ll go to court to seek reproduction of Okechukwu Uchefor re-arraignment.

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