Ex-TSG boss Ernst Tanner talks about Liverpool professional Roberto Firmino

Formal TSG boss Ernst Tanner talks about Liverpool professional Roberto Firmino, Gistbased

Former TSG boss Ernst Tanner talks about Liverpool professional Roberto Firmino Roberto Firmino Firmino celebrated the Champions League title with Liverpool last season and contributed to the success of his goals. Nevertheless, in his early days at Hoffenheim, this career was not to be planned, as his ex-boss reveals.

“You were expected to see his ideals, which we stripped from him when he first came to us. In Germany, we do very precise health and blood tests. He had the worst qualities I’ve ever had with soccer-Professional saw, “said former Hoffenheim boss Ernst Tanner to the Bleacher Report.

At that point, the 53-year-old took the attacker out of the second Brazilian league for four million euros. At that time, Tanner was instantly convinced of his technical skills, but his level of fitness was really alarming, as the manager again pointed out.

“The values were sub-Iridian” “I would even say he had worse values than my grandma. You can’t really imagine that. The values were so underground that you couldn’t believe he was able to play soccer professionally.

However, Firmino has succeeded in this, as the success of the last year’s CL indicates, among other items. After winning the Club World Cup in January, the Reds are already ahead of the next Premier League title this year–and a fit firmino, who is also one of the top performers this season. During 38 games, he scored ten goals and gave twelve assists.

Champions League, round 16: Premier League leaders lost 1-0 at Atlético Madrid and need to reach the quarter-finals at Anfield in three weeks.

This is definitely also due to its significantly better fitness values at the moment.


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