HIV Positive Househelp Caught On Camera Attempting To Breastfeed Employer’s Baby

HIV Positive Caught On Camera Attempting To Breastfeed Baby, Gistbased

On Monday, March 9, a 20-year-old Kenyan woman was caught in a camera trying to breastfeed the employer’s two-year-old baby.

Catherine Mbuyuka was taken to court in Nyeri on Wednesday after being seen in CCTV footage, raising her blue t-shirt and holding the baby on her laps ready to breastfeed.

Kiganjo residents in Nyeri also shocked the court to find out that the suspect was HIV positive and that she was trying to infect the baby with the virus.

Mbuyuka, appearing before the Magistrate JM Macharia, was also accused of caring for the baby on different occasions.

Since then, the three-minute CCTV footage has been shared across various social media platforms.

The accused, however, denied the charges and was released on Sh300,000 (approximately 1.07 million) cash bail.

Her case will be raised on 27 March.

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