My Doctor’s Advice On How To Get A Better Sleep. No 6 & 10 Really Help Me

My Doctor's Advice On How To Get A Better Sleep. No 6 & 10 Really Help Me, Gistbased

I had a hard time sleeping late last year because of the nature of my new job. I work in a hotel as a shift supervisor.

My sleep was really affected because I wasn’t used to shifting work. My job requires that I stay up all night for a whole week, whenever I’m on a night shift. The problem was that when I was on the day shift, I began to find it hard to sleep after the day’s work.

This has affected my productivity at work. It almost led to the end of my job appointment. So I had no choice but to seek the help of my Doctor. Below are the advice he offered me to help me sleep better at night, whenever I’m on a day shift. I hope it’ll help you, too.

1. Don’t eat heavy meals in front of your bed. Digestion is a little slow at night, and it can interfere with your sleep.

2. After 12 pm, don’t take caffeine. Caffeine usually helps people stay away at night if they need to do something.

3. Get rid of all the noise sources. If your neighbor’s generator doesn’t let you sleep, use ear plugs.

4. Drink less of the water. Drink less water as you get closer to bedtime.

5. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages before you go to bed.

6. Do not use phones or computer screens before bedtime. If you need to use your phone before bed, use the blue light filter or the eye care mode to block the blue light. Blue light interferes with your sleeping cycle.

7. Take a cold shower in front of your bed. The temperature change signals to your brain that it is time to rest.

8. Make sure your bedroom is as dark as possible, use sleeping masks if you need to.

9. Condition your brain, you’re never supposed to work in your bedroom. Have a separate workroom.

10. 10. Be active during the day, you must have noticed how easy it is to fall asleep on a very stressful day.

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