Linda Lusardi bursts into tears at kindness of NHS staff after being hospitalised with coronavirus coronavirus


Legend Linda Lusardi told the fans that she had been left sobbing by the kindness of the staff of the SLIM after being hospitalized with coronavirus.

It comes after her husband Sam Kane described her as “at the door of death” saying that she was fighting a “cruel, vile, remorseless, relentless, dark sickness.”

Linda Lusardi, 61, is’ at the door of death’ as she fights coronavirus, her husband revealed Credit: PA: Press Association She shared a snap of her at the hospital bed Credit:

Instagram Writing on Twitter from the hospital tonight, the 61-year-old explained that Sam-who also has the disease-was sent home from the hospital to continue his recovery.

She wrote: both of us tested positive for the virus. I’ve still got a way to go.

“Fans like TV presenter Gail Porter sent Linda their best wishes to the former Loose Women panellist, saying,’ Send you both love. Xxxxx.’

The girl from her hospital bed after a positive test for coronavirus 9 Sam has been sent home but Linda has revealed that she will stay at the hospital.

Posting on Facebook, he wrote, “I can’t stress enough that this isn’t just a flu bug. I’ve watched this take my girl to the door of death,” he said. “I felt it was taking me there. It’s a cruel, vile, remorseless, implacable, dark illness.

“It was like three hands. One is strangling you. One is pushing your face down as it does. The other is tearing your heart out of your chest and it just doesn’t stop… for days, please stop going out. It’s going to take longer until we get back to normal.

Please stay safe.” Two weeks away from anyone else outside your family should see this gone. It’s just that simple. Please stay in. “Their hospital dash came soon after Linda had revealed her fears that she had a bug on her Twitter account.

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