Anita Joseph reveals what her husband is doing to her at Every corner of the house

Anita Joseph, Gistbased

Anita Joseph reveals what her husband is doing to her at ‘Every corner of the house’

The newly married actress, Olagunju, advised the ladies on the need to marry men who would put them in a mood at all times.

The film star and entrepreneur Anita bearing Joseph, however, advises married women not to let their guards down immediately after marriage.

“There’s a need to marry a guy who’s in the mood whenever you see him. Marry the guy you’re sexually attracted to. Marry the paddy. I can’t stop wearing bum shorts because I’m married. What’s outside is scary.

“So, be wise and protect your home. Be sweet and cheerful to your husband. Even if you have children, don’t stop dressing hot and sexy. Shave your armpit, clean up. If not, the man would run away.

“Be hotter than that chic outside. Don’t let those little girls take your guy. We’ve learned that people will still cheat in spite of anything, but at least do your part,” she said.

Speaking further, the thespian revealed how her partner, Michael Fisayo Olagunju, took her to every corner of their home.

“You ought to see me in the kitchen, my husband catches me all over the house,” she said. “Because you’re married to kids doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do shakara, now is the time to do shakara. Why are you tying wraps?

“Your husband wants to see how you were before you met. I know that some things may have changed, but keep up. Don’t be a crazy woman, take care of yourself.

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